Rappelz War Of The Worlds
TeamSpeak server: Online
How to connect?
Donwload TeamSpeak client. After installation, enter the server address: rzwow.ru

rz-wow: Online

Experience and drop x1000.
Discount in our store - 10%
Our shop - shop.rzwow.ru/x500/
Activated for the whole weekend!
Have a good game!

09 Dec 2016, 20:08

1) The price of a Ancient magic cube (Chance enchant skills card 100%) has been reduced to 10 points Donations.
2) Special combiner shower now the chance of Enchantment being 100%.
3) Added awakening Crystals:
Buy them can be a blacksmith.
4) The Donation shop added box with huntaholic points

08 Dec 2016, 23:23

About server
EXP: 500
DROP: 500
Episode: 9.1+9.3

Accounts: 3819
Characters: 5582
GM's: 3
Guilds: 168

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