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Donwload TeamSpeak client. After installation, enter the server address: teamspeak.rzwow.ru

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Terms of use

This User Agreement (hereinafter the “Agreement”) governs the relationship between the Administration, providing services for the use of the software product “online computer game Rappelz” (hereinafter “the Game”), available on the Internet at rzwow.ru and other domains belonging to the Administration’s intellectual property rights, as well as information and entertainment resources related to the specified Game and the user of the Game (hereinafter referred to as the “User”).

  1. General Terms.
    The User, accepting the terms of this Agreement, confirms that he has reached the legal age, and is entitled to enter into this Agreement, minors must obtain permission from parents or guardians to use the services of the Game. If you, according to the laws of your state, are prohibited from receiving gaming services online or have other legal restrictions, including restrictions on the age of admission to such services, you are not entitled to use the Game and agree to immediately stop using the Game. User’s agreement with the provisions of this Agreement is a prerequisite to start using the game. Registration in the Game, installation, copying, or other use of the Game confirms the User’s accession to this Agreement. If the User does not accept the terms of this Agreement, he is not entitled to use the Game. The agreement is valid until its termination at the initiative of the Administration, or at the initiative of the User. By registering in the Game, the User agrees to receive from the Administration of the newsletter, including, but not limited to: news, notices, notifications, reminders, warnings, related with the Game, by e-mail, to the address indicated by the User during registration, or the address indicated by him in the process of using the Game;

    This Agreement may be amended by the Administration at any time without prior notice to Users. The current version of the Agreement is located on the website of the Game. The player is advised to check this Agreement on the website of the Game at least once every 14 days.

    In accordance with this Agreement, the Administration provides the User with the following services:
    — access to the game server and participation in the game process;
    — access to information resources of the Game;
    — access to other services of the Game.

    The software required to access the Game is freely available on the official website of the Game. The user pays for Internet access at his own expense.

    Use of the Game is made by the User solely independently and on an “as is” basis, that is, the Game Administration is not liable to the User under any circumstances for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, damage resulting from punishment, lost profits, damage to reputation or other damage that the User may have due to the use of the Game or the inability to use it.

    User’s agreement with the provisions of this Agreement confirms that he is notified that a regular long-term stay with a personal computer may cause various physical complications.

    The User is hereby notified that the Game may provide for various sound and video effects that, under certain circumstances, can cause in persons prone to epileptic or other disorders of a nervous nature, aggravation of these conditions, and the User guarantees that he does not suffers, or agrees not to use the game.

    The rights holder and developer of the Game is the Administration. All copyrights, related and other rights to the Game, including game characters, program code, Game files, graphics, sound, dialogues and texts, as well as other objects of copyright belong to the Administration’s property rights and are protected by Russian legislation on the protection of intellectual property and copyright rights. Unauthorized use of the Game or Game elements is prohibited.

    All trademarks and other marks of goods or services used or referred to in the Game belong to their respective owners. All other rights not expressly specified as belonging to third parties belong to the Administration or the legal holders of such rights.

    Any public or additional (paid) services or services in the Game are provided exclusively by the Administration. Receiving gaming services or services from other third parties may result in a refusal of the User to provide the services of the Game. The price of paid services is set by the Administration at the time of their sale to the User and can be changed at any time.

    For the collection of statistical data and identification of Users, the Administration can monitor and save information about the IP addresses of the User from which the Game is accessed, use technical information files (cookies) placed on the User’s personal computer through the game’s client side.

    It is forbidden to use fraud to pay for services in the Game. Fraud is considered to be unpaid by SMS or SMS Users sent by Users through unauthorized access to the services of a cellular operator.

    The agreement is concluded indefinitely.

  2. Rights, obligations and restrictions of the User.
    1. User commitments:
      1. User agrees to comply with the terms of this Agreement;
      2. If an error is detected in the Game software, the User must immediately inform the Administration about it via game mail, messages on the Games forum or to the contact email address indicated on the Games website;
      3. The user must keep secret the password he chose during registration.
      4. The user is personally responsible for keeping the password secret;
      5. The User undertakes to treat other Game Users and representatives of the Administration with respect and correctness, namely: not to use profanity, not to threaten violence and physical violence outside the Game;
      6. The user agrees not to advertise porn sites, drugs and resources containing such information, as well as perform other similar actions.
      7. User is not allowed:
        1. Use the Game for personal commercial or political purposes;
        2. Register more than two characters in the Game;
        3. Transfer your registration data to a third party, either for free or for play or real money;
        4. Use the software errors of the Game (for personal use or otherwise), transfer information about their availability to third parties, with the exception of the Administration;
        5. Decompile the game and interfere with the program code; modify and modify the game algorithms;
        6. Modify, translate, or make any attempt to identify the source code of a program or network algorithms; and also use the groundwork of the game at the heart of their development;
        7. Hacking and stealing other users ’accounts;
        8. Distribute links to Internet sites whose content causes computer malfunction or is aimed at illegally gaining access to accounts of other Users, links to software that contains viruses or other malicious elements;
        9. The use and distribution of any software not provided for by the Game, which can facilitate, automate gameplay or server disruptions;
        10. Emulate the protocol used in the game;
        11. Take any action aimed at disrupting the normal operation of the website of the Game, or of the Game itself; damage to the Game (including the integrity of the equipment, software and databases owned by the Administration);
        12. Restrict other Users access to the Game or prevent other Users from using the Game;
        13. To commit or incite third parties to commit acts prohibited by applicable law, including those associated with illicit drug trafficking, terrorist activities, calls for the overthrow of the legitimately elected government, extremist orientation; pornography, any form of discrimination based on sex, age, religion, or other grounds;
        14. Disseminate in any way materials promoting, expressing rejection or hatred of any religion, culture, race, nation, people, language, politics, ideology or social movement;
        15. Disseminate in any way personal information concerning players or third parties, the use of which may harm them;
        16. Publish and send messages provoking and / or containing a call for other Users to violate this Agreement;
        17. Pretend to be another person or a representative of the Administration, moderators of a gaming forum or a Game.
      8. User has the right:
        1. Free access to the Game;
        2. For technical support;
        3. Install and use the Game on a computer, the technical specifications of which must meet the requirements of the Game;
        4. Use the paid services of the Game;
        5. To change your registration password;
        6. Stop membership in the gaming community; for this, the User must send a letter to the contact e-mail specified on the website of the Game;
        7. Under my personal responsibility to place on the information systems of the service any information in the amount stipulated by the technical capabilities of the service; The administration is not responsible for the content and safety of such information.
      9. Responsibility for violation of the rules. Responsibility for compliance with the rules of the Game and the Agreement shall be borne by the account owner, regardless of who performed the actions under this account. The user agrees that, in case of violation of this Agreement, the Administration has the right to apply sanctions , at its discretion: warning, renaming the account, temporary blocking of the account, permanent blocking of the account, or other actions.
    2. Administration Rights.
      1. The administration has the right to close or limit the functionality of the Game at any time without any prior notice to the Users.
      2. The administration has the right, without any prior notice, to refuse the User the services of providing the Games service for violation of the Agreement.
      3. The administration has the right to transfer data about the User who violates the Agreement or applicable law to law enforcement agencies.
      4. The administration reserves the right to remove any information or materials from its servers if they, solely from the point of view of the Administration, are unacceptable, undesirable or violate this Agreement.
      5. The administration has the right at any time to change the rules of the Game, the terms of service and / or their content, including the introduction of fees for services that have been provided free of charge up to this point, and also change the price of services; The Administration notifies the User about this by posting relevant information on the website of the Game.
      6. The administration has the right to ban the use of any account without giving reasons.
      7. At the initiative of the Administration, sanctions can be applied to any User, regardless of whether he used the paid services of the Game or participates in the Game for free; at the same time, money received for payment of additional services from the User, whose account is blocked or deleted, is not returned. The decision to provide compensation is taken by the Administration at its sole discretion.
      8. The administration has the right to resolve controversial issues not covered in this Agreement at its discretion.
      9. The administration has the right to unilaterally withdraw from this Agreement and terminate the provision of services to use the Game without prior notice.
      10. The administration has the right to change any elements of the Game (properties of items, balance, etc.) without prior notice to Users.
    3. Responsibility of the Administration.
      1. Administration is not responsible to the User for the actions of other users.
      2. Administration does not guarantee that the Game software is error-free or will function smoothly.
      3. The Administration is not responsible for temporary technical failures and interruptions in the Game, for temporary disruptions and interruptions in the operation of communication lines, other similar failures, as well as for problems with the computer from which the User uses the Game.
      4. The administration is not responsible for all risks and losses that may be associated with the disclosure of your password by the User to access the Game.
    4. Rules of the game.
      1. It is forbidden to discuss other computer games or game services in the general chat channel.
      2. It is forbidden to deceive or misinform the Administration for personal purposes.
      3. It is forbidden to register characters with names:
        — containing meaningless set of characters, profanity, insults;
        — affecting politics, inciting interethnic strife, which are links to other sites and other resources;
        — similar to the names of characters used by the Administration.
    4. Return policy. 
    1. The user must notify the administration of the desire to return the funds, if the user requests a refund without notice, this will entail the blocking of all of his accounts.
    2. Less than 14 days must elapse from the date of purchase.
    3. You can return only unused donation points
    4. In case of problems with the correct operation of the goods, the goods will be replaced or the funds for it will be returned to the account.