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How to connect?
Donwload TeamSpeak client. After installation, enter the server address: teamspeak.rzwow.ru

rz-wow: Online


Update 30.11.2019
30 Nov 2019, 14:21
!!ATTENTION!! For the correct operation of the update, you need to start the "Check Resources" button in the launcher or download Resource.rar from our site and unpack it to the game folder

1) Fixed characteristics of Austins Cloak (Obsidikar Spine Cloak)
2) Now, as a reward for completing a volcano quest, instead of "Tiny Soul" you will receive the item "Magmatic Tear"
3) Item "Lost Box" no longer drops from monsters. NPC "Master of repair rings" will be available for another 30 days.
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About server

EXP: 3000
DROP: 3000

EXP: 450
DROP: 450
Epic: Custom 9.5

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